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RM 230.00

Size: 80ml

Achieve your best skin with minimal effort: apply the Overnight Star, get your beauty sleep, and wake up glowing. Packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients like acai berry extract and black ginseng extract, a particularly luxe ingredient that does everything for skin, Overnight Star takes advantage of the regenerative properties of sleep to do all the hard work for you, deeply hydrating and helping nourish skin as you dream away. Overnight Star helps skin appear dramatically brighter and firmer with clinically-proven ingredients — face the mornings as your most radiant self with skin that feels soft and plumped up.

Texture: truly unique, like a cross between a bouncy jelly balm and a whipped gel-cream — it melts right into skin, absorbing quickly and leaving no residue

Scent: subtle, calming spa-like scent with wafting hints of lavender

Skin Type: all skin types