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Serum Foundation SPF 15 - The Ordinary

RM 43.00

Available for preorder.

ETA 2-4 weeks.

100% authentic from The Ordinary.

A lightweight, natural coverage foundation.

Available in 21 shades, Serum Foundation SPF 15 is suitable for all skin tones. With a weightless feel, this smooth foundation creates a semi-matte finish that skims over lines and imperfections for a flawless day look.

  • Very Fair 1.0N – Very fair neutral.
  • Very Fair 1.0NS – Very fair neutral with silver highlights.
  • Very Fair 1.0P – Very fair pink undertones.
  • Fair 1.1N – Fair neutral.
  • Fair 1.1P – Fair pink undertones.
  • Light 1.2N – Light neutral.
  • Light 1.2P – Light pink undertones.
  • Light 1.2Y – Light yellow undertones.
  • Light 1.2YG – Light yellow undertones with gold highlights.
  • Light Medium 2.0N – Light medium neutral.
  • Light Medium 2.0P – Light medium with pink undertones.
  • Light Medium 2.0YG – Light medium with yellow undertones and gold highlights.
  • Medium 2.1P – Medium with pink undertones.
  • Medium 2.1Y – Medium with yellow undertones.
  • Medium Dark 3.0R – Medium dark with red undertones.
  • Medium Dark 3.0Y – Medium dark with yellow undertones.
  • Dark 31.R – Dark with red undertones.
  • Dark 3.1Y – Dark with yellow undertones.
  • Deep 3.2N – Deep neutral.
  • Deep 3.2R – Deep with red undertones.
  • Very Deep 3.3N – Very deep neutral.