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RM 60.00


Available in 31 shades
Show blemishes, imperfections, and under-eye circles who’s the boss babe. You. This creamy AF, full-coverage concealer can multi-task like a mofo. Not only will it leave you with super-blendable concealing power, it brightens and contours like nobody’s business. Game on.


• 16-hour-long wear
• Sweatproof, transfer-resistant, water-resistant
• Free of fragrance and parabens
• Ophthalmologist tested


C0.00 (aka white concealer) is poppin’ and full of tricks:

• Mix with your Fluidity Concealer or Foundation shade to brighten up during a season change

• For our super-fair babes, use as a highlighter or brighten up the under-eye area

• Carve out brows for a killer brow highlight

• Use to create a rockin’ cut crease

LEVEL 1: Light
C1.15 (COOL: fairest with pink undertones)

C1.25 (NEUTRAL: fair with neutral undertones)

C1.35 (NEUTRAL: fair with slightly yellow undertones)

C1.45 (COOL: light with pink undertones)

C1.55 (NEUTRAL: light with neutral undertones)

C1.65 (NEUTRAL: light with slightly peach undertones)

LEVEL 2: Medium
C2.15 (NEUTRAL: light medium with slightly peach undertones)

C2.25 (NEUTRAL: light medium with slightly golden undertones)

C2.35 (WARM: medium with yellow undertones)

C2.45 (COOL: medium with pink undertones)

C2.55 (NEUTRAL: medium with slightly peach undertones)

C2.65 (WARM: medium with golden undertones)

LEVEL 3: Tan
C3.15 (NEUTRAL: medium with neutral undertones)

C3.25 (WARM: medium tan with golden undertones)

C3.35 (NEUTRAL: medium tan with peach undertones)

C3.45 (NEUTRAL: tan with slightly peach undertones)

C3.55 (WARM: tan with golden undertones)

C3.65 (COOL: deep tan with slightly red undertones)

LEVEL 4: Rich
C4.15 (NEUTRAL: deep tan with neutral undertones)

C4.25 (WARM: deep tan with rich golden undertones)

C4.35 (NEUTRAL: rich with golden undertones)

C4.45 (NEUTRAL: rich with peach undertones)

C4.55 (COOL: rich with red undertones)

C4.65 (NEUTRAL: rich with slightly red undertones)

LEVEL 5: Deep
C5.15 (NEUTRAL: deep with neutral undertones)

C5.25 (WARM: deep with peach undertones)

C5.35 (COOL: deep with slightly peach undertones)

C5.45 (WARM: deep with rich red undertones)

C5.55 (NEUTRAL: deepest with neutral undertones)

C5.65 (COOL: deepest with red undertones)


Net Wt. 4.5 mL / 0.15 fl. oz.